Song Joong-ki Explains Wife Katy’s Past Pregnant Rumors, “We’re Novice Father And Mother” 

Actor Song Joong-ki made his first public appearance after becoming a father

On September 22nd, Song Joong-ki attended the press conference for the movie “Hopeless” held at Megabox COEX in Seoul together with Hong Xa-bin, Kim Hyung-seo (BIBI) and director Kim Chang-hoon.

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Song Joong-ki was rumored to be dating former British actress Katy arose in December last year, three years after his divorce. In January this year, he publicized his romantic relationship with Katy through his fancafe then announced the news of their marriage and Katy’s pregnancy at the same time. In June, Song Joong-ki delivered the news of the birth of his son and expressed his overwhelming feelings about becoming a father.

song joong ki

In this regard, Song Joong-ki said, “I don’t feel pressured at all. Many people congratulated me. Since I received so many warm congratulations, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to them. Thanks to all the blessings, the baby is growing up healthily. Since this is our first child, I’m still a novice father and my wife is also a novice mother. We didn’t know that the baby would grow up that fast. He has grown a lot. I think I should spend more time playing with the baby to raise him into a good person.”

He added, “I’m just so grateful that I could introduce the movie I love during this time. There’s no burden at all. Thank you for all the congratulations”.

song joong ki son

With his answer mentioning the two as “novice father and mother”, Song Joong-ki has indirectly clarified the rumors about his wife.

Ahead of Song Joong-ki and Katy’s marriage, there were rumors that Katy was a single mother or she already had children due to the spread of several press photos. At that time, Song Joong-ki emphasized that the rumors were groundless.

Source: Daum

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