SM’S injustice has not changed for this member even though NCT has debuted the 4th small group

NCT China, also known as WayV, has just officially debuted to the audience with their first music video. But this product only makes fans more dissatisfied with SM for many different reasons.

On January 17, WayV officially debuted the first mini album “The Vision” with the song “Regular”. This is the fourth small group of NCT after NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream, with the orientation to focus on the Chinese market. Ever since the first teaser images were announced by SM, WayV has quickly attracted the attention of the online community for owning a quality and talented members. But when the group’s first product debuted, the fans’ initial eagerness gradually turned into dissatisfied attitude towards SM.

Undeniably “Regular” is a good music video, showing off the outstanding visual, raping and singing abilities of their members. However, many people are dissatisfied when the product debuted for a potential band like WayV is just a “remake” song. If followed NCT before, many people would know that “Regular” was the title song of NCT 127’s first studio album named “Regular-Irregular”, just released in October 2018. Meanwhile, SM released both Korean and English versions for this song, as well as brought the song to promote at various events.

Fans said that after all WayV’s debut song is just “Chinese version” from NCT 127’s comeback song. This fact disappoints many fans because everyone believed that WayV deserves to invest in a completely new song worthy of the expectation that many fans and netizens have reserved for the group before.

But all the dissatisfaction has not stopped here. What makes fans even more frustrated is although NCT has debuted to the 4th small group, it seems that the way SM discriminates against Win Win member has not shown any signs of change. From the previous products, Win Win fans often complained about this member’s singing line and screen time are being too short. However, fans still reassured themselves that maybe because Win Win was not really fluent in Korean, or because SM did not have a strong push solutions for foreign members in a Korean-based group.

A lot of people have hoped for a real opportunity to shine for Win Win from the moment when NCT China plans to debut. But the more they hope, the bigger the disappointment becomes, because the screen time and solo lines of Win Win in “Regular” (Chinese version) are still unbelievably few. While the other members were given the opportunity to show off their voices with real rap and solo lines, Win Win’s ones was merely the “copy” from his parts in the previous two English and Korean versions. Many people feel very discontented because even if two groups have different numbers of members (NCT 127 has 10 people while WayV has 7 people), Win Win is still not given a full sentence. Almost all of Win Win’s solo lines are ad-lib, backing vocals, and accompaniment for other members and he is rarely given a full line.

Not only that, the amount of screen time as well as the number of times standing at the center position of Win Win is also very small, although this member takes the role of a lead dancer and possesses an extremely eye-catching appearance. The most outstanding image of Win Win in the entire “Regular” MV is the scene when he holds the diamond in his mouth, but that’s still not enough to satisfy fans as their idols don’t receive proper treatment from his management company.

Currently, many fans are expressing dissatisfaction with SM on social networking sites. However, they still insist that they will continue to support Win Win, WayV and NCT, and still keep on hoping that SM will treat artists more equally in the near future.

More remarkably, to prepare for the debut with WayV, Win Win’s schedule was even shortened by SM. He had to accept to be absent in a series of important events, such as being unable to attend awards ceremonies with NCT 127, missing both SMTOWN events in Chile and the group’s first concert. But in return, all he got for those sacrifices was just a few incomplete sentences and short screen time in WayV’s debut MV.

WayV’s debut lineup includes 7 members: Kun, Win Win, Ten, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Yangyang and Hendery. Kun, Win Win, Ten and Lucas had previously debuted as members of NCT, while Xiao Jun, Yangyang and Hendery had just been introduced by SM in the rookie lineup in July 2018. WayV will focus on promoting in China, but they can still participate in other NCT activities in the future.

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