Song Joong Ki attended “Vincenzo” closing party held 1 year late with all cast members 

Stars from “Vincenzo”, such as Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Been, have reunited after 1 year at a closing party. 

According to a Herald POP coverage published on December 15th, Song Joong Ki and other cast members of the tvN K-drama “Vincenzo” held a party on December 14th, one and a half year after the show ended. 

In particular, when “Vincenzo” finished airing, it was difficult to hold a party due to the ongoing pandemic. Now that cast members found the right time, they had a late closing party. It was reported that everyone had fun eating and singing together. 

There was also talk of doing a 2nd season for “Vincenzo” before the party ended. At this, all cast members showed amazing unity and expressed their wishes for the series to continue. 

Song Joong Ki

On the other hand, “Vincenzo”, which concluded in May of last year, revolves around an Italian mafia lawyer, who came to Korea after being betrayed by his organization. He then formed a “found family” in Korea as he tried to take down heinous villains with his cruel ways. 

Source: Nate

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