Song Hye Kyo requested to delete her photos and videos for “The Glory”? The whole story behind

Netflix announced its position amid allegations that actress Song Hye Kyo requested her photos and videos for “The Glory” be deleted.

Recently, some YouTube channels and online communities raise suspicions that Song Hye Kyo, who is about to appear in the Netflix original series “The Glory,” demanded her related photos and videos be deleted on different platforms.

Song Hye Kyo

Not only the promotional video for “The Glory,” which was previously released on YouTube, but also the character poster, which was released today (Dec 22nd), was suspended and deleted at the request of the production team of “The Glory.”

In the meantime, many netizens responded that Song Hye Kyo’s agency may have been the one who requested this.

Those who raised the suspicion claimed that Song Hye Kyo’s agency’s response to the article’s photos and videos was not good, citing Song Hye Kyo’s age and visuals as the reason.

song hye kyo

They explained, “I heard that they took another picture down because the agency didn’t respond well today, it’s pretty controversial right now,” and “Whenever there’s a bad reaction, they just take down the post. Their community management is no joke.”

On Dec 22nd, Xports News has contacted and asked Netflix to verify the fact regarding the videos and photos mentioned in the controversy.

song hye kyo

First of all, Netflix said, “This video was produced to express our gratitude for the audience’s great love in K-Content this year, focusing on the work released in 2022. However, it was deleted because it included the work ‘The Glory’ before the show is released.”

Regarding the character poster post, Netflix also said, “While trimming the phrase on the poster, something that was not the final version went up in the process of the editing and sending it back and forth. That’s why we took it down.”

song hye kyo

It also confirmed that there was no other request from Song Hye Kyo. Unconfirmed stories tend to spread into fake news. And fake news from unknown sources soon turns into controversy.

Meanwhile, “The Glory,” which will be released on the 30th, is a Netflix series that tells the desperate revenge story of a woman who was broken by the violence she endured as a child and those who fall into the whirlwind. Song Hye Kyo plays the role of Moon Dong Eun, who risked her life to design a perfect revenge scheme after suffering terrible school violence in high school.

the glory poster

Source: Xports News

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