Did Song Hye Kyo request the deletion of “unedited photos”?… Netizens’ debate is on

Along with the allegation that actress Song Hye Kyo prevented the posting of press pictures on online communities, netizens’ debate is on.

Recently, a number of posts related to Netflix’s original series “The Glory” and Song Hye Kyo were made private on the entertainment-related online community “theqoo” with a notice that “the post was suspended at the request of Netflix by the production team of ‘The Glory’“.

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Many of the posts included photos of on-site articles related to “The Glory” press conference, which was held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square in Jongno-gu, Seoul, with the attendance of Song Hye Kyo on Dec 20th.

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It is not known why the production team of “The Glory” requested the deletion of related posts.

However, many netizens cited a precedent in which Song Hye Kyo’s agency requested the deletion of her photos and speculated that this time’s situation is similar.

Not only posts related to the press conference, the video in which the production team of “The Glory” delivered their current status on the occasion of Christmas was deleted, which is supporting netizens’ claim.

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This is because these posts and video showed Song Hye Kyo facing the wave of time.

Netizens are arguing between “It was a reasonable measure” and “Isn’t it an unreasonable control?” On related communities, there is a heated debate regarding the deletion of Song Hye Kyo’s posts.

Song Hye Kyo announced a spectacular return with “The Glory”.

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In “The Glory”, which will be released on Dec 30th, Song Hye Kyo plays Dong Eun, who takes revenge on the perpetrators while holding the pain of school violence.

Source: Nate

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