Member of a girl group to debut this April is accused of smoking and school bullying, “Evidence will be revealed after her debut”

A disclosure about school bullying against a girl group trainee scheduled to debut this year has been released.

On January 11th, an article titled “Revealing about a member of the girl group scheduled to debut in April 2022” was posted on an online community. Introducing themselves as a close friend of the victim’s older sister, the writer said they made this article at the request of their friend.

This disclosure targeted J, a trainee at an entertainment agency. The writer stressed that they had evidence to prove that J committed violent acts against several victims with her friend. In particular, they said, “After a conversation with an agency official, J met 2 victims and a victim’s older sister, but she insisted on not apologizing to them in the end. After then, the victims have been trembling due to threatening phone calls.”

What drew the attention was that the writer has adjusted the level of the disclosure because J is still a trainee and hasn’t debuted yet. The writer revealed, “If she could successfully debut, disclosures and evidence will continue to be released through media reports at the same time her teaser is released”, adding, “Her agency should respond to the victim’s questions and deal with the situation.”

The authenticity of this article has not yet been probed. As a result, netizens are showing divided reactions, such as “I hope she will be kicked out of the group before their debut”, “Who’s gonna believe this if there is no evidence?”

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