9 events that have the biggest influence on the Korean music industry in 2021 as voted by entertainment companies (including BTS, Brave Girls, bullying scandals, etc)

Representatives from entertainment companies in Korea gave their opinions on the events that are said to have the most influence on this country’s music industry in 2021.

As usual, a number of famous news sites in Korea will hold polls to find out the most prominent names in the entertainment industry with voters who are experts.  One of them is a poll organized by News1 which has just announced the results on the morning of December 20.  News1’s poll has a total of 31 experts and representatives from entertainment companies including DSP Media, RBW, JYP, Jellyfish, FNC, SM, MBK, Yuehua, KQ, Woollim, IST, WM, BBC  , Starship, HYBE, YG, Pledis, Cube, TOP Media, Brave, Blockberry Abyss, etc.

Some of the experts listed are Director Kim Sang Ho (JYP Entertainment), Director Kim Jiwon (SM Entertainment), Director Cho Woo Young (YG Entertainment), Department Head Jeong Jinho (HYBE), Director Choi Sunjin  (Pledis Entertainment), Director Kim Yongsup (FNC Entertainment), etc.

Among the categories open to vote, there is a very interesting category that is asking experts’ opinions about which event is the biggest and most influential event in the Korean music industry in 2021. Let’s see what the voting results will be.

Note: A representative can vote for more than one event.

7th place: Young Tak involved in digital music fraud / all ONF members decided to enlist at the same time / Rosé and Lisa’s solo debuts (BLACKPINK) (1 vote)

6th place: The resumption of offline concerts (2 votes)

bts concert

4th place: Brave Girls’ and ‘Rollin’ / ‘Street Woman Fighter’ craze (3 votes)

3rd place: Korean singers’ school bullying allegations (5 votes)

lia soojin hyun jin

2nd place: Music industry facing difficulties because of COVID-19 (8 votes)

The COVID-19 pandemic that occurred last year is still affecting people all over the world this year. Accordingly, social distancing is an important topic in 2021, and the “cold wave” continues in the music industry. Offline activities and performances, in particular, were not actively implemented this year. Many events were canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and performances became difficult to organize, resulting in a suffocating situation in the industry. Large companies can switch to online performances, but small businesses face financial difficulties, and a few groups, artists, and businesses have had to cease operations.


1st place: Outstanding achievement of BTS: No.1 Billboard Hot 100 and ‘Artist of the Year’ award at AMAs 2021 (9 votes)

According to the results of the survey, music industry experts have highly praised the boy group BTS for their brilliant achievements at home and abroad this year.  BTS received 9 votes for that series of achievements, such as ‘Butter’ being the song to spend the most weeks at No.1 Billboard Hot 100 in 2021, or receiving the Daesang ‘Artist of the Year’ at the American Music Awards 2021, which is one of the three major American music award ceremonies. This is considered the most influential event in the Korean music industry this year.


At AMAs 2021, BTS won all 3 categories that the group was nominated for, including ‘Favorite Pop Duo or Group’, ‘Favorite Pop Song’ (for ‘Butter’) and ‘Artist Of The Year’.  In particular, the group has won the Pop Duo or Group award for 3 consecutive years.

BTS gave a speech when receiving the ‘Artist of the Year’ award at the AMAs 2021

However, the other two categories are even more important because this is the first time BTS has been nominated but immediately won.  In particular, the ‘Artist of the Year’ award is the most important award of the AMAs, and this year, for the first time, an Asian artist was nominated and won.

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