Song Hye Kyo deserves Grand Prize for loyalty “Watching ‘The Glory’ Son Sook’s play”

Not only is her beauty Grand Prize, but her loyalty is also Grand Prize.

On August 26th, Song Hye Kyo posted a photo through Instagram story with the hashtags “#Toccata #Teacher Son Sook”.

Song Hye Kyo, who is digesting tight schedules both at home and abroad, seems to have been willing to take time to support Son Sook, who participated in the play “Toccata”.

song hye kyo ig

Song Hye Kyo worked with Son Sook in Netflix’s series “The Glory“.

Previously, Song Hye Kyo posted a poster of the play “Army on the Tree” starring Choi Hee Seo on her personal account and wrote, “You’re so cool.”

song hye kyo

The two, who met through the 2021 drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, have been maintaining a strong friendship for 2 years.

Song Hye Kyo always took care of seniors and juniors who worked with her, such as attending a premiere of Park Hyo Joo, with whom she worked together in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, in 2022.

Source: daum

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