Son Ye Jin looks younger and more beautiful than 12 years ago when transforming into a high school girl in Thirty Nine

What’s surprising is that after 12 years, Son Ye Jin is somewhat younger and more beautiful than before.

Thirty-Nine is the drama marking the last project by Son Ye Jin as a single woman. After the success of Crash Landing on You, the actress’s starring in Thirty Nine has attracted many fans’ expectations.

In the drama, Son Ye Jin performed a few flashbacks of the character Cha Mi Jo’s school days. To match the image of a schoolgirl, Hyun Bin‘s wife had blunt thin bangs and long light brown hair, wore round glasses and dressed simply. This image immediately reminds viewers of 2010’s Son Ye Jin who also appeared with a similar image.

Son Ye Jin
Netizens’ comparison of Son Ye Jin with the same image after 12 years is getting the attention of netizens, because she is even more beautiful than when she was younger.
Son Ye Jin
In 2010, Son Ye Jin was already famous for her delicate face.
hyun bin son ye jin
But it is until now that the new actress has really become more beautiful and radiant than ever.

In the first episodes of Thirty Nine, Son Ye Jin did not really convince the audience because the acting was still quite safe. But in the following episodes, Cha Mi Jo’s character’s inner self had many changes, from which the actress really showed her acting ability and surprised fans.

Son Ye Jin
The emotional climax of the character Mi Jo is highly appreciated.

This March, the wedding of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin will take place in Seoul. Fans are eagerly waiting for the D-day of the two famous stars.

Son Ye Jin
The couple’s wedding will be held privately in Seoul.
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