SNSD Sooyoung: the girl who has an admirable life and a dream like lovestory

Sooyoung (SNSD) has an admirable life because she has a successful career in both singing and acting, and a dreamlike love story with actor Jung Kyung Ho.

SNSD has just made a comeback with the album Forever1 marking the 15th anniversary of their debut.  The legendary girl group makes fans flutter with their catchy music, talent and visual.  One of the members receiving the most attention this time is Sooyoung.

Sooyoung has had a successful career of more than 15 years, being well received as both an idol, a singer and an actress.  Worth mentioning, she was initially judged as not very prominent in terms of talent in the “national girl group”.  However, Sooyoung has gradually shown herself as a bright actress and multi-talented star.  Besides, she is also admired by Asian audiences for a decade-long beautiful love story with the Hospital Playlist actor – Jung Kyung Ho.

A golden-spoon girl who has a burning passionate for music

Sooyoung was born in Seoul in 1990, and she entered the entertainment industry when she was still a little girl. At the age of 10, the female idol was found by the top Korean entertainment company at the time, SM Entertainment, through the SM Open Audition selection process. Sooyoung then bravely flew to Japan by herself in 2002 after becoming the winner of the Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo competition when she was just 12 years old to join Marina Takahashi in a two-person duo named Route 0.

Only a year later, Route 0 split up, and Sooyoung went back to Korea to pursue her idol dreams. She then started practicing extremely hard at SM. Sooyoung’s diligent efforts throughout her early years helped her win a debut spot with SM’s brand-new girl group project, SNSD. The amazing story of female idol Sooyoung also starts at this point.

In 2007, SNSD officially debuted with a 9-member lineup. Sooyoung’s height of 1m72 and superb long legs drew attention right away. The family background of Sooyoung also made headlines. It is well known that the grandfather of the female idol is the head of a renowned Korean architectural firm and was contracted to build the famed Seoul Arts Center

Her father graduated from Seoul University, and served as president of the Korean Association for the Prevention of Blindness in addition to holding positions in a number of illustrious corporations. Mother and older sister of Sooyoung are both artists. The older sister of Sooyoung, Choi Soo Jin, is a well-known musical actor, and their mother used to major in vocal performance.

Without doubt, Sooyoung also has a successful career. She is a member of the “nation’s girl group” SNSD, the owner of various hits. No matter how many new girl groups debut, SNSD will always remain iconic and be a role model for their juniors. 

During SNSD’s latest comeback with “FOREVER 1”, Sooyoung drew keen attention for her stunning visuals with blonde hair. 15 years after her debut, Sooyoung has become even more attractive. Not only are her looks upgraded, Sooyoung even got better at both singing and dancing, despite the fact that acting is currently her main job. 

Leaving SM to focus on acting, moving past the idol image 

When she was still SM, Sooyoung already acted in many works such as Cyrano, My Spring Days, Perfect Sense…, showing her great potential in acting. By the end of 2017, Sooyoung decided not to renew her contract with SM and left the company but remained a member of SNSD.

She started to fully focus on acting and gradually transformed into a professional actress, taking on a variety of roles. She has successfully moved past the image of an idol actor and landed prominent roles in works namely Tell Me What You Saw, Run On, So I Married An Anti-Fan… 

Sooyoung focused on acting after leaving SM. She is highly appreciated for both beauty and acting

A dreamlike love story lasting a decade with actor Jung Kyung Ho

In addition to a successful career, Sooyoung also has an admirable love story with actor Jung Kyung Ho. The two are one of the most admired Korean celebrity couples. In 2014, they made their relationship public and revealed that they had been together for 2 years. Over the past decade, Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have openly shown their affection towards one another multiple times, mentioning each other with the most sincere and sweetest words in front of the camera, on TV shows, etc. 

Jung Kyung Ho often shares acting advice with his girlfriend, and Sooyoung always pays attention so she can improve. 

Jung Kyung Ho once talked about Sooyoung and how important she is to him, saying, “I became the person I am now by listening to what Sooyoung told me to do and avoiding doing what she told me not to. Even tiny things like washing my hands before eating, brushing my teeth before bed, not drinking a lot or wearing clothes neatly. I always listen to what my girlfriend tells me.”

Despite being top stars, Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung enjoy casual dates, such as going to the supermarket together, traveling places, calling each other every night like any other couple.

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