This unimportant character might be the key factor to cure the zombie pandemic in “All Of Us Are Dead” season 2

This character could play a very important role in the next season of “All Of Us Are Dead”!

The zombie TV blockbuster “All Of Us Are Dead” is currently the hottest drama in Asia and even reaching the top 1 of global Netflix. The story of the high school students fighting the zombie disaster has many unexpected twists, which makes it so thrilling that everyone has to hold their breath for the whole 12 episodes. However, “All Of Us Are Dead” still received criticism as some audiences thought that there was an unnecessary character in the drama.

This character is a female student named Hee Su who got pregnant unexpectedly. After suddenly “going into labor” on the same day the zombie disaster broke out, Hee Su left the school by herself, gave birth to the baby, and then found a way to keep the baby safe. For her part, Hee Su was bitten, so she reluctantly became a zombie. The scene where the female student tied her hand to the door so as not to harm her child broke the hearts of many people.

all of us are dead Hee Su

However, until the end of the drama, the role of the infant and the female student Hee Su herself was not outstanding. For that reason, the girl was considered unnecessary by many viewers.  However, it is possible that the baby will have a prominent role in the future story of “All Of Us Are Dead.”

all of us are dead Hee Su

In particular, the biggest secret centering around this baby is the identity of his father. Many viewers raised suspicions that the baby might actually be the son of teacher Byeong Chan, who created the virus. There is another theory that considering the situation in this Hyosan high school where many students are bullied, the problematic student Gwi Nam has a high possibility of being the father of this baby. Since Gwi Nam has the ability to be immune to the zombie virus, this baby might have an anti-virus immune system. Moreover, the baby might play an important role in producing vaccines against this zombie virus.

all of us are dead gwi nam

Above are all theories released by the viewers. However, if Season 2 of “All of Us Are Dead” is produced, these details, which seem to be unrelatable, might play an important role in the development of the drama’s next seasons.

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