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“He got down on his knees” Haha talked about his conflict with Yoo Jae Suk 

Haha confessed to having a conflict with Yoo Jae Suk in the past.

Haha and Byul appeared as guests and showed off their wits in the new episode of SBS’s entertainment show “Dolsing Fourmen” which aired on February 21st.

dolsing fourmen

On this day, Haha received a difficult question, “‘Infinite Challenge’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Hangout with Yoo’, out of the three, which program do you like the most?” and he pondered for a while.

In response, Haha’s wife Byul said, “Because Haha is a person who values ​​time, I will exclude the recently joined ‘Hangout with Yoo’. Meanwhile, ‘Infinite Challenge’ made the current Haha.”

dolsing fourmen

Then, in response to the question, “What does Haha dislike the most about Yoo Jae Suk?”, Haha began to talk about the conflict he had with Yoo Jae Suk in the past, saying, “I have really confronted him in the past. It was before my marriage, but it was serious.”

Haha recalled, “I called him (in a drunken state) and I just screamed and hung up. The managers also whispered, ‘He’s gotten crazy.’ The next morning, I woke up. I came to my senses and thought ‘What did I say to Yoo Jae Suk?’ I was wondering if I should send him a text message.”

dolsing fourmen Haha
dolsing fourmen Haha

Haha continued, “It was 10 in the morning. When I went out to the living room, Yoo Jae Suk was sitting on the sofa. He came to my house. It seemed that he was worried. As soon as he saw me, he got down on his knees (begged for forgiveness).”

Through MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”, SBS’s “Running Man”, and MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, Haha has maintained a deep relationship with Yoo Jae Suk for more than 15 years.

Source: wikitree

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