SM Announces Jungmin Won’t Debut in NCT New Unit Due to Health Concerns

Jungmin will be returning to trainee status for recovery instead of debuting as an NCT member

In the latest official statement released by SM Entertainment, Jungmin, who was selected as a pre-debut member of NCT’s upcoming and last subunit NCT NEW TEAM (tentative name), formed through the survival show “NCTUniverse : LASTART,” will not be making his debut with the group as previously anticipated. 


Accordingly, unforeseen circumstances have led Jungmin to temporarily halt his practice and activities due to health reasons. Previously, he was absent from NCT NEW TEAM’s performance at the concert “NCT NATION,” causing concerns among fans. 

SM Entertainment’s full announcement is as follows:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have been waiting for the debut of NCT NEW TEAM and provide you with some information about Jungmin, who was selected as a pre-debut member.

NCT NEW TEAM had been preparing to stand in front of the fans through a pre-debut tour starting from October 8th, following the confirmation of its members. However, recently, Jungmin had to temporarily halt his practice and activities due to health reasons, focusing on his treatment. Considering his health as our top priority, we have been discussing his ability to participate in activities with Jungmin, his family, medical professionals, and the members.

After deep consideration and with Jungmin’s health as the foremost concern, he has decided not to join NCT NEW TEAM and return to training to concentrate on his recovery. We sincerely apologize to all the fans who have supported Jungmin’s debut and understand that this sudden news may cause concern. We will support Jungmin in his treatment and recovery so that he can return to new activities in a healthy condition.

As a result, NCT NEW TEAM will proceed with activities as a 6-member group in the future. We kindly ask for your warm support and continued interest.

Once again, we ask for your understanding, and thank you.”

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