BTS Jimin shows off elegant dance moves in MIDNATT’s “Masquerade” dance challenge 

BTS Jimin joined MIDNATT’s “Masquerade” dance challenge, drawing attention. 

On May 19th, MIDNATT’s official TikTok account released a dance challenge video of “Masquerade” featuring BTS Jimin. This is the second collaborated dance video posted on MIDNATT’s official account after the one featuring ENHYPEN Jungwon.

In the video, Jimin and MIDNATT danced in sync to the “newtro” sound of “Masquerade”. At the same time, Jimin’s freestyle dancing near the end of the video added an element of surprise. Even MIDNATT was not expecting it. 


MIDNATT’s “Masquerade” was released in six languages and contains addictive melodies along with compelling dance moves. K-pop fans and the public are jumping on the dance challenge. 

The video dance challenge of MIDNATT and BTS Jimin also garnered 1.6 million views after 8 hours of release.

MIDNATT was a project code-named “Project L”. HYBE chairman Bang Si Hyuk previously announced, in an interview that the project is a combination of music and technology. MIDNATT is said to be singer Lee Hyun’s alter ego. The debut of MIDNATT drew mixed reactions from fans. 

Source: daum 

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