NMIXX Sullyoon and Bae returns with cute and lovely looks in new single

Sullyoon and Bae, members of JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group NMIXX, showed off their sparkling visuals.

NMIXX will release a new digital single ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’ at 6 PM (KST) on November 23rd. Following the surprise release of a teaser poster on their official SNS channel on November 11th, the group and individual concept photos that exude a warm year-end atmosphere are unveiled one after another, delivering special Christmas gifts.

At 00:00 on November 14th, the teaser images of Sullyoon and Bae were published. Here, Sullyoon showed off her lovely goddess-like beauty with a checked jacket and skirt, as well as a large ribbon hair styling. Meanwhile, Bae moved her fan’s heart with a photo that made the most of her unique lively atmosphere. She also showed a bouncing energy, through peace sign poses and wink expressions. 

The two also decorated the collage image with polaroid images and cute hand drawings, which made the viewers smile. 

Starting with the digital single “Funky Glitter Christmas”, NMIXX will release the special album “Intermixxion Single” that shows a new and natural charm among regular albums. The name is a combination of “Intermission”, which refers to a break in the middle of the running time of a performance such as a play or a musical, and “XX” of NMIXX. The seven members have sent unchanging love and support since their official debut on February 22 through the new digital single “Funky Glitter Christmas”, which expresses their gratitude to fans and arouses excitement right from the title.

The digital single “Funky Glitter Christmas”, where you can meet a different side of the all-ace group NMIXX, who has vocal, dance, and visual, will be available on various online music sites at 6 PM on November 23rd.

Source: daum

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