“Single’s Inferno” contestant Freezia disclosed why she declined numerous offers to become an idol

YouTuber Freezia (real name Song Ji-ah) revealed that she had received numerous idol offers on her YouTube channel “Freezia” on January 11th. 

On this day, Freezia released a Q&A video to celebrate achieving 1 million subscribers. She was asked by a subscriber, “Have you ever received an offer to become an idol?

free zia

Freezia honestly said, “I’ve received a lot of offers,” also revealed she refused all of them.

free zia

It was because she didn’t want to. “I don’t really like singing. I don’t think I suit the job (of an idol). I don’t feel like it. I’m the type of person who does what I want to do, but singing and dancing don’t suit me,” she explained. 

free zia

She then revealed his dream. “My dream is to create my own brand. This is what I wanted even before I started YouTube.” “I want to make a Freezia-like brand that even I want to use,” she said. 

Netizens responded by saying, “She would have done a really good job as an idol,” “Oh, making a brand is cool,” “I have faith in her,” and “I support you.”


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