Han Ga In Suggests Cha Eun Woo as Zeus in Greek Mythology Drama, While She Will Play the “Owl”

The goddess-like Han Ga In made everyone laugh when she said she was being called “Owl” by her daughter.

On April 13th, MBN entertainment show “Private Lives of the Gods – Greek and Roman Mythology 2” invited musical actress Kim So Hyun as a guest. Han Ga In brought up the topic of casting for a drama based on Greek and Roman mythology during the opening segment.

Cha Eun Woo

Han Ga In said, “For virtual casting, I think Cha Eun Woo would be good for Zeus, Song Kang for Apollo, and Han So Hee for Hera.”

When Seol Min Seok asked, “Then who would play Aphrodite?” Han Ga In humbly replied, “I would like to say myself, but there is a big age difference between me and those actors,” and surprised everyone by revealing that she would play the Owl.

Han Ga In

Han Ga In said, “When I asked my daughter about the casting, she said, ‘Mom should be an owl.’ So, at home, I am called ‘Owl’.” The cast laughed and joked, “Her daughter is so cool. Even a goddess can’t help it at home.”

Source: Nate

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