Former NMIXX Jinni joins UAP, to be managed by Sublime

Jinni, a former member of girl group NMIXX, has recently signed an exclusive contract with UAP and will be managed by Sublime

According to Sports Kyunghyang on April 14th, former NMIXX member Jinni has recently signed an exclusive contract with UAP. UAP will collaborate with Sublime, which is managing Song Kang Ho, EXID Hani, and GOT7 Jackson, to entrust Jinni’s overall activities.

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On the other hand, Jinni debuted as a member of the girl group NMIXX in February 2022, but left the group in December of the same year and terminated her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment. At the time, JYP stated, “We are sorry to cause concern to many fans with the sudden news. We hope Jinni, who has chosen a new path, will be encouraged.”

Seeing that joining UAP is Jinni’s first activity in 4 months since her withdrawal from NMIXX, attention is being focused on what active activities Jinni will pursue next, as it is also reported that she is planning a solo album.

Source: Daum

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