Han Ga In, “As pretty as Aphrodite? Daughters humiliated me, saying I look like an owl”

Actress Han Ga In revealed how she was humiliated by her daughters.

The broadcast of MBN’s entertainment program “Greek Roman Myths-Private Life of the Gods” on April 13th showed Han Ga In expressing her feelings after the first episode.


Han Ga In said, “I thought about a virtual casting for ‘Greek Roman Myths’ in 2023”, suggesting Cha Eun Woo as Zeus, Song Kang as Apollo, and Han So Hee as Hera. She added, “It’s fun to imagine the casting”

Seol Min Seok then asked, “Are you going to be Aphrodite?”. In response, Han Ga In said, “I really want to play Aphrodite, but the age difference is too big. When I asked my daughter what role I should play, she said, ‘You already played the goddess so just keep on being an owl.’ I think I really look like an owl. The children call me that. They humiliated me”, drawing attention.


Han Ga In also shared her experience with the “Hephaistus complex”. The actress said, “My in-laws never fought in front of their children, except for only one time”, adding “At that time, my husband (Yeon Jung Hoon) reacted, ‘I was so shocked because mom and dad had such a big fight’. Children remember that well despite seeing it only once. As a parent, I realized that I need to be careful.”

Meanwhile, the storyteller Seol Min Seok shared a touching story about the Hephaistus complex, which brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Source: Daum

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