Owner of the coffee shop BTS RM visited posted a thank-you message, “Thanks to you, the cafe was full of ARMYs”

Owner of the coffee shop BTS RM visited posted a thank-you message

On January 13th, a netizen who runs a coffee shop in Nowon-gu, Seoul, posted a message on Instagram beginning with “To Mr. RM”.

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This person said, “You went to B*** coffee shop yesterday. I’m also waiting to take a picture of the seat you sat on. What I heard the most today was questions about the kind of coffee you drank”.

He continued, “XX (a coffee shop’s staff) told me that you said Christmas blending drinks went well with the Christmas vibe”, adding, “Christmas has already passed for a long time, but we have decided to make more Christmas Blend drinks. We’re kinda materialistic.”


The coffee shop’s owner also mentioned BTS’s fans “ARMYs” with admiration, saying, “They have great manners. Your spending on one cup of coffee is more amazing than the disaster support funds”. Lastly, he said, “Thanks to you, B** coffee shop was like a military unit today”. The “military unit” seems to be pointed to ARMYs.


On the previous day, RM posted on Instagram a photo of himself enjoying coffee and biscuits at a cafe against the background of a snowy night. On January 10th, he also visited the Uijeongbu Art Gallery in Gyeonggi-do, drawing keen attention.

All the places BTS members visited soon became “special” ones for their fans.

Recently, after Jimin’s proof shots on his trip to Jeju Island became a hot topic, interest in Jeju tourist attractions that Jimin visited has been raised significantly. Jimin took a picture at a photo zone created on Nuwemaru Street in Jeju last month while enjoying a vacation by himself and posted it on his Instagram. After that, fans also went to the same place to take some proof shots. Therefore, Jeju Tourism Organization decided to extend the time for the photo zone on Nuwemaru Street.

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