Jeon So-mi won the 2022 First Brand Awards: “I’ll continue to do good music”

Singer Jeon So-mi won the “Female Solo Artist” category at the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. 

Jeon So-mi was honored to attend the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards held at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Jan 13th and win the “Female Solo Artist” category.

Jeon So-mi 2022 Korea First Brand Awards

Jeon So-mi solidified her title of being one of the top soloists by achieving a series of global hits such as “DUMB DUMB” and “XOXO” last year. Following her recent winning of the “Best Performance Award” at the 2022 Golden Disk Awards, she is now recognized as a female solo singer who will lead this year by winning the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. 

Jeon So-mi said through her agency The Black Label, “I think it’s all the more meaningful because it’s an award that many people voted for. As much as how you guys have expected to be the singer who will lead in 2022, I will greet you with good music and activities to meet your expectations. I wish you a happy new year and everything you do will go well,” she said in her acceptance speech. 

Jeon So-mi 2022 Korea First Brand Awards

Hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum, the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards is Korea’s leading brand award in which consumers directly select the No. 1 brand in each field that is expected to lead the year.  In particular, more than 380,000 consumers participated in the award ceremony vote, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, adding meaning to Jeon So-mi’s award as the largest ever. 

Jeon So-mi colored the world with her high-teen vibe by creating a “Dumb Challenge” craze on various SNS with the “Batman Dance,” the point choreography of “Dumb Dumb” which was released in August last year. She also performed brilliantly by sweeping various global charts with her first full-length album “XOXO” released in October of the same year. 

Jeon So-mi 2022 Korea First Brand Awards

Jeon So-mi, who is currently on a rise, continued to actively communicate with her fans around the world through YouTube’s exclusive reality show “I AM SOMI: XOXO,” which recently ended.


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