BIBI subverts expectations in “Hopeless” screening at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival

BIBI appears in “Hopeless” with a radical image transformation, drawing attention.

“Hopeless” is the movie marking Song Joong Ki’s return to the big screen. The movie recently received a screening at the prestigious “76th Cannes International Film Festival”. Among the cast lineup, BIBI stood out as a rookie actress alongside experienced actors such as Song Joong Ki. 

BIBI (real name Kim Hyung Seo) was born in 1998 and is mostly known as a singer under Feel GHood Music.

Prior to “Hopeless”, BIBI got minor roles in two movies, “Whispering Corridors 6” and “The Worst of Evil”. Due to the lack of screen time, coupled with a lack of commercial success, BIBI has not been able to establish herself as an actress.

BIBI plays the younger version of Eun Hee (Kim Seo Hyung) in “Whispering Corridors 6”
She showed off her attractiveness in “Phantom” as Ayanami

Nonetheless, BIBI took a major leap by appearing in a movie project alongside veteran actors and even got a ticket to the annual “Cannes International Film Festival” when the movie got the chance to screen at the festival. After the first screening, the rookie actress received a lot of praise.

The cast and crew of “Hopeless” received a standing ovation after the movie’s first screening

As a singer, BIBI left an indelible mark with a sexy, seductive image with a rebellious side. At times, she got criticized for wearing “too sexy” outfits, which often resulted in wardrobe malfunctions in her public appearances.


With a bold personality, the public believed BIBI would seek an equally rebellious and defiant acting role when she turned to acting. Nonetheless, the actress took a surprising turn and took up a role of a strong and resilient girl with a bit of a wild side.

Netizens are having high expectations for the singer in the movie in its upcoming release to the public.

Source: k14 

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