Best moments of Netflix’s Korean contents in 2022

Netflix recently introduced their best moments of Korean contents in the year 2022.

On December 20th, Netflix introduced various cases, saying that the performance of Korean contents this year was more dazzling than ever.

netflix korea

In 2022, the most Korean contents were released

netflix korea

2022 alone introduces 21 Korean contents, the most since Netflix entered Korea. As the number of works has increased, the genre has also diversified, including 12 series such as “All Of Us Are Dead”, “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area”, and “Narco Saint”. There were also 4 new entertainment shows, including “Korea No.1” and “Single’s Inferno”, as well as 5 films such as “20th Century Girl”. In addition, original materials which embodies the Korean storytelling combined with unique elements were also released, with notable examples being law drama “Juvenile Justice”, fantasy music drama “The Sound of Magic”, the revenge-filled “Remarriages and Desires”, and the sci-fi “Glitch”.

“All Of Us Are Dead” released the most love from many countries

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After striking big with the zombie and monster genre through “Kingdom” and “Sweet Home”, Korea has gained a reputation as a master in this “genre”. Then, they introduced “All Of Us Are Dead”, which made it to the Top 10 Daily series of 93 countries as of date – the highest achievement for a Korean content in 2022. In addition, the work achieved a total 361.02 million watchin hours in just 10 days of its release, and was also on the top 10 list of all time in the non-English speaking TV category. Through this, it was proven that the global reception towards Korean contents has massively improved.

“Squid Game” which wrote the most history

netflix korea squid game
netflix korea squid game

In 2022, the Netflix series “Squid Game” breathed a new wind into the Hollywood-centric American entertainment industry and wrote a variety of “first history”. In particular, “Squid Game”, which was made in Korea by Korean directors and actors, won a total of six trophies at the 74th Emmy Awards. In particular, since the first Emmy Awards ceremony was held on January 25, 1949, this was the first time a non-English content was nominated as well as awarded. In addition, the Los Angeles City Council declared September 17 every year as “Squid Game Day” to commemorate the social and cultural influence of Korean content.

The long-lasting sensation “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

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Based on the global cumulative viewing time until December 4th, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” set a record for being included in the global top 10 list for non-English speaking TV contents for 21 weeks. In particular, Netflix’s efforts for localization, such as dubbing and subtitles, were emphasized in the success of this work. There were many lines that sounded the same even if the order was reversed in the series, including the main character’s name “Woo Young Woo”, wild goose, and Yeoksam Station. Netflix delivered the same effect through foreign languages ​​such as English, Spanish, and Japanese. For an entertainment experience that transcends culture and language, Netflix currently supports subtitles and dubbing in up to 33 languages.

Netflix barrier-free feature

netflix korea
netflix korea

Netflix is ​​introducing various barrier-free features such as closed captions, audio screen commentary, and text-to-speech technology in order to achieve “entertainment for all”. Netflix applies audio screen commentary to the largest number of major OTT content services in Korea. Audio screen commentary is a function that explains all situations, such as motions, facial expressions, costumes, and backgrounds, with voice for visually impaired people who have difficulty checking subtitles. This function is applied to Netflix original content by default. To date, contents with audio screen commentary have been played for more than 11,000 hours, and is available in up to 33 languages, including Korean.

Source: Daum

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