Hyun Bin teases new look with beard and amazing acting transformation in upcoming film “Bargaining” 

Hyun Bin, who has just become a father, is returning to the big screen next year in “Bargaining”.

New still cuts of Hyun Bin in his next movie “Bargaining” were released on December 20th, drawing attention. 

hyun bin bargaining

“Bargaining” depicts the negotiating operation between a diplomat and a local NIS agent who went to Afghanistan to save a Korean who was held hostage by the Taliban in the worst kidnapping case.

The new stills show Jung Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min), a diplomat specializing in negotiations, Park Dae Sik (Hyun Bin), a bearded NIS agent, and Kasim (Kang Ki Young), the only Korean interpreter, struggling to rescue the hostage.


Jung Jae Ho is a diplomat specializing in negotiating to Afghanistan to resolve the kidnapping case, and Park Dae Sik is an NIS agent specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia. They are at odds with each other due to their different ways of working.

Jung Jae Ho prioritizes the manual, but Park Dae Sik insists that there is a method suitable for the local area. It adds to the curiosity about how two people who have different goals and senses of mission will save the people in crisis by overcoming their differences.


Director Lim Soon Rye’s new film “Bargaining” is scheduled to be released on January 18, 2023.

Source: Nate. 

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