Sign interpreters appeared at BTS concert for deaf fans.

A sign language interpreter appeared at the concert of BTS, and this has become popular within fans because of the performances that are beyond “language”.

Recently, BTS held a ‘Love Yourself’ world tour at the LA Staples Center in the USA. Thousands of fans gathered at the venue to attend the concert of the boy group.

One fan who watched the performance has left an amazing comment on her SNS. She brought her deaf friends to the concert. The friends were also passionate BTS fans. They could not listen to the boy group’s music, but they made their way there to appreciate the live performances.

A manager at Staples Center found them, and when they realized that the fans were deaf, they said they had a special staff for them.

And that “special staff” turned out to be a sign interpreter. The interpreter had translated the lyrics of BTS songs and their talking into English sign language to help them understand.

The fan said, “The interpreter helped us throughout the show. Thanks to them, we understood most of the songs and it was the best time to connect to them.

One crew member filmed us and I hope the boys will know how much they inspire us“, she shared, “V, RM, and Suga saw us do “I love you” sign and did it right back”. (You can see the video by clicking the link below)

Sources: Dispatch

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