A rare photo of 17-year-old Son Ye Jin caught the attention

The innocent look of Son Ye Jin more than 20 years ago unexpectedly resurfaced. 

January 30 is the 19th anniversary of the release of The Classic starring Cho Seung Woo and Son Ye Jin. Therefore, topics related to the famous movie constantly appear online. Screenshots of Son Ye Jin in The Classic were also reposted by fans, praising her lovely visuals. 

However, netizens’ attention is especially drawn to an image of 17-year-old Son Ye Jin in the early days of her career, back when she was an amateur photo model.  

son ye jin
son ye jin
The image of Son Ye Jin when she first entered the entertainment industry caught the attention again 

In the photo, Son Ye Jin’s facial features, including her big round eyes and chubby cheeks look absolutely natural and exude innocence. 

In 2022, Son Ye Jin will return to the small screen in the drama 39 – Thirty Nine. She plays Cha Mi Jo, a successful woman who is the head of a dermatology clinic.

son ye jin

Cha Mi Jo has a warm personality. She grew up in a wealthy family. She has everything from family background, gorgeous visuals to a successful career. Although the way she talks can be frank and harsh, Cha Mi Jo is a sincere person so it’s impossible to dislike her. 

39 will officially air on JTBC starting from February 16.

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