Not “Business Proposal”, this K-drama is most loved by BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Both BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook displayed their love towards this K-drama. 

In a recent interview with Elle Korea, BLACKPINK’s Lisa disclosed her most favorite K-drama of the moment. 

When asked, the famous idol picked “Twenty Five, Twenty One” without hesitation, adding that this K-drama greatly impressed her. According to Lisa, she was extremely upset while watching the series’ finale. She also used a lot of sad emojis to describe her feelings while watching.    

Twenty Five Twenty One
“Twenty Five, Twenty One” is Lisa’s favorite K-drama.

Fans of the female idol were excited to learn of this information. It is also important to note that BTS’s Jungkook also talked about his love for this series before. 

BTS Jungkook

In particular, the male idol constantly shared funny moments from the series, at the same time adding his own opinions while watching. It seems that “Twenty Five, Twenty One” was truly a remarkable K-drama to have earned the love of these top-tier idols. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” aired this February, and starred famous actor and actress Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri. The series was a beautiful tale of youth that endeared itself to viewers via lovable characters and clever writing.

Twenty Five Twenty One

Despite having a controversial ending, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” still topped various charts and was the most buzz-worthy K-drama throughout its entire run. The drama also received nominations for the prestigious Baeksang 2022, with Kim Tae Ri being a candidate for the Best Actress Award

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