Best dancers among 4th gen K-Pop idols: The male representative is undeniable, aespa can’t compare to ITZY

The 4th generation idols are gradually proving their dancing ability through many performance stages.

ITZY and TXT are considered to be the most prominent Kpop groups of the 4th generation. The two groups have also had a certain number of active years and affirmed their own strengths. Recently, K-netizens have named 2 4th Gen idols with the best dancing skills at the moment. While Yeonjun is the representative of TXT, in ITZY, Yeji is the chosen name.

According to the majority of netizens’ opinion, both Yeonjun and Yeji are idols who can control their bodies well and know how to adjust the strength of their movements appropriately. In particular, their “gifted” body ratio is something that many other idols can’t have even in their dreams. They both have long arms and legs and know how to control their bodies, so Yeonjun and Yeji’s dance moves are perfect.

Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
 … and Yeji are praised as the 2 best 4th generation idols at the moment

Before, the duo has also caused a fever at the MAMA 2021 performance:

  • MAMA’s opening dance is really good.
  • At MAMA individual opening, Yeonjun and Yeji were also the best dancers.
  • Yeonjun’s charm is no joke. MAMA’s opening stage is so appealing.
Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
Yeonjun’s opening dance part…
Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
… and Yeji at MAMA 2021 were given many compliments

Most netizens also agree with the opinion that Yeonjun and Yeji are currently the 2 best dancing idols of the 4th generation. Thanks to having a “quality” main dancer like Yeji in the lineup, ITZY is considered “unrivaled” in terms of performance choreography compared to other 4th Gen girl groups like aespa, IVE, KEP1ER

  • Choi Yeonjun’s dance moves are mind-boggling.
  • I’m a nonfan but I have to agree.
  • I’m a fan of another group but I’m captivated by Yeji. She is good at dancing but her charisma is also no joke.
Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
Yeji’s dancing skills are undeniable 
  • Yeonjun dances really well, Yeonjun’s dancing is so mesmerizing.
  • Yeonjun has been outstanding since pre-debut when dancing with other trainees at a dance academy in the U.S.
  • Talking about Yeonjun dancing reminds me of his dance cover of Kai’s “Mmmh”, it’s really cool.
Best dancers among 4th gen KPop idols
Yeonjun’s charismatic performance
  • Her dancing skills are top-notch. She also has the sexy charismatic face and the perfect body, anyone would be infatuated.
  • And these two companies still haven’t given us any collaboration stage between TXT and ITZY.

Let’s review some of Yeonjun and Yeji’s latest fancams to get a feel of the duo’s dancing ability.

0X1=LOVESONG – Yeonjun (TXT)’s Fancam
Mafia In the Morning + LOCO – Yeji (ITZY)’s Fancam
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