Shuhua’s Radiant Beauty Shines Even in Bare-Faced Moment

The bare face of the (G)I-DLE member is receiving many compliments from the online community.

Shuhua is one of the female idols who made a strong impression right from her debut with her sweet visuals. What’s special about her is that she looks still pretty even without meticulous makeup.

(g)i-dle shuhua
The image that captivates Shuhua’s admirers

Despite regularly using cosmetics, it’s evident that even without makeup, Shuhua’s skin is incredibly fair, smooth, and flawless. She also amazes fans with her fresh and radiant complexion. The idol has received numerous compliments for her ability to maintain and protect her skin.

With her enviable skin, Shuhua confidently goes makeup-free while strolling the streets of New York. Wearing a simple basic spaghetti-strap dress and a touch of lipstick, she still mesmerizes the online community with her youthful beauty.

Some comments from netizens:

  • This friend’s features are also beautiful, but not necessarily outstanding; her beautiful skin makes her look very fresh!
  • Her makeup-free face is so beautiful, I love her gentle features; if only her manners were improved, she’d be perfect!
  • She’s so pretty, just a bit of lipstick and she stands out!
  • I have to admit, aside from those moments of careless remarks, she’s truly beautiful with her fair skin. She exudes a great aura!
  • It’s true, aside from those moments of being outspoken, she’s beautiful with her fair skin, truly enchanting.
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