April’s close selcas with Lee Hyun-joo: ‘It’s a lie’, ‘Photos taken in front of fans’

April denied the allegation of bullying the former member Lee Hyun-joo with a photo as evidence. Another controversy over the authenticity of the photo surfaced.

April members Kim Chae-won, Lee Na-eun, Lee Jin-sol, and Yang Ye-na refuted allegations of bullying by Lee Hyun-joo in an exclusive interview with [sports.khan] on the 21st. As evidence to support the claim that all the members were close to each other, they released several “undisclosed daily photos”.

However, on the 22nd, on an online community it was pointed out that the information about the graduation selca photo among the photos released by April was incorrect.

According to the author of the thread, “The photo that was taken by Lee Hyun-joo and Kim Chae-won at Kim Chae-won’s high school graduation ceremony in February 2016” was actually taken at the graduation ceremony of Yang Ye-na, not Kim Chae-won. As evidence, Hyun-joo and Chae-won’s scarves and bouquets match those in other photos taken at Yang Ye-na’s graduation ceremony.

The author indicated that Lee Hyun-joo and Kim Chae-won were surrounded by masters (fans who take photos of idols on their schedules) around the time the photo was taken. It’s difficult to agree that selcas taken in front of fans are daily photos that can show friendship.

The sticker photo April showed that they were close with Lee Hyun-joo on the 21st was also known as a photo taken while filming for their content.

So April denied Lee Hyun-joo’s bullying allegations, while claiming that all the members were afraid of Lee Hyun-joo, and revealed that there were problems with her behavior, such as Lee Hyun-joo’s unfaithful attitude toward her practice and schedule at the beginning of her debut. 

Source: Nate

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