Showing amazing live-singing skills on the debut stage, NMIXX received a rain of compliments from the public

The singing abilities of JYP’s rookie group, NMIXX, are said to be beyond the expectations of the public.

On the afternoon of March 3, NMIXX had a debut stage on the music show Mcountdown. Previously, the group made a very good impression on the public thanks to their excellent live singing performance in the debut showcase. Therefore, the audience had looked forward to the group’s performance on Mcountdown.

NMIXX Mcountdown
NMIXX’s pretty check-in picture at Mcountdown

Not failing the audience’s expectations, NMIXX continued to have a fantastic performance, demonstrating their exceptional singing abilities. Similar to the stage at the debut showcase, the members’ live vocals could be heard extremely well in the official version, even though there was background music. And netizens were even more shocked by NMIXX’s singing skills when they heard the Mr Removed’s version.

The ensemble gave a great performance, nearly to the point of perfection, that was indeed very similar to the recording version. The lyrics are well-pronounced, the vocals are strong and loud, and the rhythm is good. All of the girls, in particular, completed their segments flawlessly. With such a solid base, NMIXX is certainly an All-Ace group (7 vocals, 7 dancers, 7 visuals).

Furthermore, to deliver the best first performance to the public, rookie groups usually prefer to lip-sync on their first stage. NMIXX, on the other hand, dared to sing live, which is very admirable. And the JYP’s rookie group did not disappoint the audience.

NMIXX Mcountdown
NMIXX’s amazing live performance proves that JYP’s introduction isn’t exaggerated at all
NMIXX Mcountdown
It was a surprise that NMIXX’s first stage was a live performance
NMIXX Mcountdown
Not only is the group good at live singing, but they also present the choreography excellently.

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