K-netizens Gathered Evidence To Prove That NCT’s Jaehyun And aespa’s Winter Are Not Dating

On January 2, a post was made on the Korean online forum Nate Pann with the title “Summary of evidence for Jaehyun and Winter’s case.”

In the post, a netizen mentioned the circulating rumors of NCT’s Jaehyun and aespa’s Winter, claiming that these are false rumors and providing explanation and evidence.

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In particular, the two idols were rumored to have gone to a soybean soup noodle restaurant together. However, it turned out all the members went together. Two members of NCT mentioned it but only Jaehyun got involved in the dating rumor. According to the netizen, Jaehyun even said the name of the restaurant wrong.

The next evidence is about Winter’s phone notification, which said “Peach (the emoji) is leaving your side.” This notification appeared on her phone the day before Jaehyun had an overseas schedule, so many believe “Peach” is Jaehyun. However, the netizen pointed out that the notification was sent more than 40 hours before Jaehyun’s departure. “Peach” could have just been the AirPods and Winter lost. In addition, a similar notification with “French Fries” also appeared on her phone, proving that Peach could not have been Jaehyun.

The netizen continued to mention the MoMA bag rumor, in which Winter was seen holding a shopping bag from MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) at an airport. Coincidentally, Jaehyun earlier visited the museum in New York and Winter, along with other aespa members, went to NCT’s New York concert. Later, it was proven that the shopping bag was actually a gift from fans, not Jaehyun, to Winter.

Also, Jaehyun and Winter was rumored to be dating because of their chemistry while doing Tiktok challenges together. The netizen said other NCT and aespa members even did more challenges and the behind-the-scene videos clearly showed that Jaehyun and Winter were doing it for business purposes.

Finally, many claims that Winter and Jaehyun’s similar snowman posts are evidence of their lovestagram. Meanwhile, it was pointed out that other members annd idols also uploaded snowman photos.

Upon seeing this post, most Internet users in the comment section agree with the evidence and stress that these false rumors might be actions of antis tk sabotage the two idols.

Source: Nate Pann

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