Han Ga In “I tested my daughter and found out that she’s a ‘top 1%’ gifted child… Her code is different from other people”

It has been revealed that Han Ga In’s daughter is a “top 1%” gifted child.

On Nov 25th, a video featuring Han Ga In was posted on Oh Eun Young‘s YouTube channel “Oh Eun Young’s Bucket List”.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga In drew attention by revealing that her daughter is a “top 1% gifted child“. Earlier, Han Ga In appeared on another program and said that her daughter attended an institute for the gifted when she was 6 years old.

Han Ga-in

Han Ga In confessed, “She was only 4 years old, but I felt that she learned very quickly, so I told her to take a test, and the ‘top 1%’ result came out. However, her code is a little different from other people. She doesn’t do prior learning, but she’s having a hard time.” Regarding this, Oh Eun Young advised, “Instead of trying to teach school activities sooner, there are some parts that she may fall short of. You need to strengthen these parts a lot.” Han Ga In said, “She’s really bad at sports.”

Han Ga-in

Source: Nate

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