NMIXX shows off impressive singing skills in their first live performance after debut 

NMIXX’s first live stage is getting praised by Korean netizens. Notably, the group’s visual Sullyoon surprises netizens the most. 

NMIXXJYP’s rookie girl group was officially launched on February 22, but they had to delay the debut showcase to March 1. Through their first live performances at the showcase for the two tracks “O.O” and “TANK”, NMIXX boasts not only their great dancing and stage presence but also good live singing skills. 

O.O – NMIXX (Debut Showcase)
TANK – NMIXX (Debut Showcase)

Both “O.O” and “TANK” have difficult choreography, but NMIXX still sang live well, nailed the dance with eye-catching facial expressions. Among them, the two members who left the most impression are Lily and Sullyoon. Lily, who has been famous for her vocals since Kpop Star 4, continues to stun netizens with her powerful voice and amazing high notes. Lily also sang a part of “TANK” without background music, giving fans the chills with how good her raw vocals sound. 

Lily sang the high note of “TANK”

As for Sullyoon, she has been drawing much attention for her stunning beauty. And through NMIXX’s first live stage, Sullyoon has shown that visuals are not all she got, as she surprised Korean netizens with her good live singing skills. Her nice voice combined with pretty appearance makes Sullyoon take the spotlight in this performance.

K-netizens’ comments:

  • I didn’t like “O.O” when I watched the MV. But it seems like the song sounds better after the girls performed it on the stage.
  • Sullyoon slays. Her visual and skills are all excellent.
  • Lily did so well, she’s really talented.
  • I have known that Lily can sing well ever since Kpop Star, but Sullyoon amazed me. How can she sing so well with such a gorgeous look?
  • Oh, their live singing skills are great. I hope the girls will get a better song next time
  • I also hope NMIXX will be given better songs. All the members are beautiful and have good skills. Unfortunately, their debut song is so bad.
  • I think they will be more famous after promoting on music shows.
  • I don’t know about the others but Lily did sing it live. She’s such a great singer
  • Sullyoon drives me crazy. She literally has everything, from a pretty face to talents and even a nice voice
  • I’m surprised that all of them did so well. Especially Sullyoon, I didn’t expect her to be that good
NMIXX live performance
K-nets praised NMIXX’s live singing skills, saying that they liked the debut song better after watching the live performance
Sullyoon astounded everyone with her attractive appearance and nice voice

After showing off both their excellent singing and dancing skills in the first live stage, 7 members of NMIXX have gradually regained the trust of Korean netizens. Many people say “O.O” sounds better after watching the live performance. This is a positive signal to prove that the girl group can probably overcome all the criticisms and become a real “monster rookie”.

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