Moon Chae Won to make a special appearance in “Taxi Driver 2” final episode

Actress Moon Chae Won will make a special appearance in “Taxi Driver 2”.

According to Star News on March 30th, Moon Chae Won is scheduled to appear as a cameo in the final episode of SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2” (written by Oh Sang Ho, directed by Lee Dan).

Moon Chaewon

“Taxi Driver” tells about the private revenge carried out by a group of people under the veil of the taxi company “Rainbow” and taxi driver Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) on behalf of unfair victims.

Following Season 1, which ended in May 2021, Season 2 is also gaining huge popularity as it recorded double-digit ratings. In addition, special appearances by top stars such as Nam Goong Min and Kim So Yeon are adding topicality. Moon Chae Won, who played the role of former prosecutor and military judicial officer Park Joon Kyung in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Payback”, which ended last February, is also expected to vitalize “Taxi Driver 2”.

taxi driver2

Previously, Moon Chae Won worked with Lee Je Hoon in the audio movie “Floor” at the end of 2021. Attention is focused on what kind of character Moon Chae Won will appear as in “Taxi Driver 2”.

Meanwhile, episode 11 of “Taxi Driver 2” is set to air on March 31st.

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