Shin Se Kyung Praised for Not Only Visuals But Also Improved Acting in “Arthdal Chronicles 2”

From skepticism, Shin Se Kyung has left audiences impressed with her performance in “Arthdal Chronicles 2”

Taking on the lead role that was previously played by Kim Ji Won in season 1, Shin Se Kyung is under pressure to live up to the high expectations. 

Known for her controversial acting skills, her casting for “Arthdal Chronicles 2” initially faced mixed reactions. On the contrary, Kim Ji Won is considered one of the most talented actresses of her generation, so comparisons between the two as they play the same character are natural. In the first episodes of “Arthdal Chronicles 2”, Shin Se Kyung‘s portrayal of Tanya felt a bit “awkward” and lacked some depth.

shin se kyung

However, in recent episodes, Shin Se Kyung has managed to win over audiences with her acting. Kdramastar even wrote the headline “Is Shin Se Kyung better than Kim Ji Won?” to acknowledge her performance.

Shin Se Kyung Arthdal chronicles 2
Shin Se Kyung Arthdal chronicles 2

While it’s premature to place her on par with Kim Ji Won in terms of acting, it’s undeniable that Shin Se Kyung has undergone a remarkable transformation. She exudes a pure charm in her portrayal of Tanya, managing to capture the character’s independence. Viewers left comments like “It’s as if she has embodied Tanya right from the beginning,” commending her seamless synchronization with the character.

Shin Se Kyung Arthdal chronicles 2

Shin Se Kyung’s portrayal of Tanya, set eight years after the events of part 1, injects new tension into the story. Her once-awkward performance in the first episodes has blossomed into a portrayal that truly embodies the essence of Tanya. 

Furthermore, Shin Se Kyung’s gorgeous beauty in every frame and natural chemistry with Lee Jun Ki also enhance her presence on the screen.

Source: K14,Kdramastar 

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