Shin Min Ah to Return in a Thriller Drama for the 1st Time in 3 Years 

Shin Min Ah is finally making a comeback in the thriller genre. 

According to Star News on August 30th, Shin Min Ah has been confirmed to be cast in the new drama “Ill-Fated Relationship” (literal title). 

“Ill-Fated Relationship” is a crime thriller based on the Kakao webtoon of the same name, revolving around unexpected entanglements of people tied by a fateful bond, pursuing their desires and leading each other to ruin. 

Shin Min-ah

Director Lee Il Hyung of movies “A Violent Prosecutor” and “Remember” wrote the screenplay of “Ill-Fated Relationship” and will take charge of the directing. 

In the drama, Shin Min Ah plays a lead surgeon at Seongsim General Hospital. She carries a lifelong trauma from an incident in her childhood. Unable to sleep due to nightmares and struggling through daily life, she encounters a character with a horrifying face she never wanted to see again.

Shin Min Ah’s return to the thriller genre comes after approximately 3 years since her appearances in JTBC’s “Chief of Staff” in 2019 and the movie “Diva” in 2020. After the end of tvN’s drama “Our Blues” in June 2022, Shin Min Ah took a break and announced her next project in June of the same year. 

Shin Min-ah

Dubbed the “goddess” of romantic comedies, Shin Min Ah revealed her intention to make a new history in the rom-com genre by maximizing her strengths.

Shin Min Ah has also been cast in the role of the female protagonist in the new drama “Because I Want No Loss” (literal title). It’s a workplace comedy romance about a fake married couple. The script is penned by writer Kim Hye Young of tvN’s “Her Private Life”.

In “Because I Want No Loss”, Shin Min Ah portrays Son Hae Young, a woman who constantly faces significant losses in her family, work, and relationships. She doesn’t receive proper maternal love. Her ex-boyfriend gets married quickly, and due to her unmarried status, she’s denied employee benefits at her workplace. She wants to enter a fake marriage to avoid further losses. 

Source: daum

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