Seungri spotted in shopping mall and on the streets outside Korea, checking in with local influencer 

Seungri is traveling in foreign countries after getting out of prison. 

After 1 year and six months behind bars for 8 charges, Seungri was released in February and has returned to normal life. The singer is traveling many places.

On July 18, Seungri traveled to a Southeast Asian country and was recognized by passers-by. The following day, July 19, he was taking photos with a well-known local vlogger. 

Passers-by recognized Seungri 
Seungri went shopping at a shopping mall 
Seungri took a photo with a well-known local vlogger 

In 2020, Seungri received a one-year-and-a-half sentence for 8 charges, including illegal habitual gambling, solicitation of prostitution, assistance in the solicitation of prostitution, violation of sexual crime laws through the spread of illegal sexual content via SNS, breach of business finance regulations, violation of food sanitation laws, seizure of business funds for personal use, and illegal foreign monetary transactions. He also had to pay a fine of 1.15 billion won. Seungri was released on February 9, 2023. 

Source: TikTok, Instagram 

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