Senior actor in Korea: ‘I don’t understand why Seung Ri did such thing’

Lee Soon Jae – the actor who is called the ‘national grandfather’ – publicly criticized Seung Ri.

On March 21, on the interview of the new movie “Romance”, actor Lee Soon Jae (84 years old) mentioned Seungri‘s scandal – the focus of entertainment in recent days.

He said: “Celebrities are people of the public. Their actions are very influential for everyone. You cannot live freely with the title of an artist but must be careful at all times while taking care of yourself. Benefits depend on your attitude.”

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The veteran actor voiced about Seung Ri’s scandal.

Lee Soon Jae added: “I believe Seungri is about 30 years old and is a good example of this case. There are many people out there trying to do business by clinging to celebrities. Seungri’s case shows that celebrities need to be aware of temptation and also have to control themselves well. Things that should not happen have already happened. I don’t understand why he acted like that.”

Commenting on this statement by Lee Soon Jae, an audience commented: “Even at that age, he is still able to inspire people with his knowledge and energy. Many people say that doing business is Seungri’s personal business which is not related to the entertainment industry, but to the public, I don’t agree, regardless of the business, celebrities still have to be careful.”

Lee Soon Jae and BTS at the Korea Popular Arts Culture Awards Ceremony 2018.

Actor Lee Soon Jae is a familiar face to many generations of Korean small screen audiences. He is called the “national grandfather” and he has appeared in famous films like High Kick!, My Princess, Coffee House

Last October, Lee Soon Jae and other artists like Kim Young Ok, Yoo Jae Suk, BTS … were awarded the medals by the state for their contributions to the spread of Hallyu and Hangul waves ( Korean writing) to the world.

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