Hot: Roy Kim, Eddy Kim pleaded guilty in sex chatroom scandal, Choi Jong Hoon admitted more serious crimes

This morning, Newsen reported hot news that two members were discovered in Jung Joon Young and Seungri‘s sex chatroom – Roy Kim and Eddy Kim – admitted the acts of spreading sexual content illegally. Meanwhile, Choi Jong Hoon (former FT Island member) finally admitted the act of filming the victim’s sex clip after a long time of denial. After all, almost all members who were discovered in this sex chatroom had to admit the allegations regarding the shocking sex scandal.


On the morning of April 11, the Seoul City Police Department opened a press conference, announcing the transfer of Choi Jong Hoon‘s case to the prosecutor’s office with the crime of spreading illegal sexual content. Roy Kim and Eddy Kim’s case will also be handed over to the prosecution with the release of illegal content. Although these 2 male singers did not take the photos themselves, they downloaded the photos online and sent them to the chat group. Eddy Kim and Roy Kim violated the Information and Communication Network Act for this action.

The police also confirmed that they are still investigating Seungri because they suspect the former Big Bang member to also participate in spreading and taking the sex clip.

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