Seeing that Nu’est W had no place to sit, V did this to help them and Jimin gave him a thumbs-up

BTS V brought a chair to NU’EST W.

The 33rd Golden Disc Awards ceremony was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 6th.

BTS V brought a chair for NU'EST W

After finishing the stage, NU’EST W came back to the singers’ seat to find that there were only three chairs in their area.

BTS V brought a chair for NU'EST W

After a short discuss, NU’EST W decided that Aron and Ren would sit while JR and Baekho stood.

V went to the back and brought them a spare chair. His manners and sensibility were outstanding.

NU’EST W thanked him and V came back to his seat.

Jimin lifted his thumb when he saw V’s behavior. Thanks to V, NU’EST W was able to sit side by side.

Source: Dispatch

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