Sana, a fairy who never loses her smile despite the social media controversy

A camera rehearsal for Mnet M!Countdown was held at CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, on May 2nd afternoon.

Sana, a member of TWICE, posed before going in to prepare for the rehearsal.

twice sana

Under the article, most netizens are still attacking Sana with negative comments:

“You should have been more careful. The Japanese emperor was the main culprit of the war. You shouldn’t have post it on the official account.”

“She must be looking down on us ‘josenjing’ in her head.”

“She’ll get outta here as soon as she makes enough money anyway.”

“To be honest, Sana isn’t the problem here. It’s the Japanese government’s fault for not teaching them the true history. It’s JYP fault for allowing that post.”

“But she didn’t mention anything about the Japanese Emperor in her post thou. In Japan, the change in era name is like the change from an old generation to a newer generation to them. The girl just wrote her thought about a new age coming up, and you guys are saying that she glorified the Japanese Emperor? The era name system has been in use even before the imperalism, so people who bash Sana, please explain to me why you guys are doing this?”

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