Kim Go Eun shares sweet moments with her pet dog, “With our Wol♥”

Actress Kim Go Eun released photos of her happy daily life with Wol, the dog she adopted last year.

On January 9th, Kim Go Eun posted several pictures on her SNS account with the caption “With our Wol♥”.

kim go eun

The released photos show Kim Go Eun expressing affection for her dog. She kisses Wol and plays around with her dog by lying together and touching Wol’s legs softly.

Earlier on June 27th last year, Kim Go Eun adopted a dog diagnosed with the incurable disease “brain dysfunction” after volunteering at an abandoned dog shelter.

kim go eun

With the overwhelming love of the owner Kim Go Eun, Wol seems to have gained so much strength and is growing up healthily after being adopted.

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun recently showed passionate performances in the new film “Hero” by Yoon Je Kyoon, the first Korean director to record ‘double million’ movies with “Tidal Wave (Haeundae)” and “Ode to My Father”.

kim go eun

Source: Nate

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