Director Shin Won-ho to go on a long vacation to the U.S this December; the “Hospital Playlist” series is really over?

Producer Shin Won-ho is reported to soon take a flight to the U.S for a long break at the end of this year. Does this mean the “Hospital Playlist” series is really over?

OSEN exclusively reported PD Shin’s long-term overseas vacation plan on Oct 7th. He reportedly planned to stay in the U.S. within this year after the end of tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” Season 2. The media explained that he will be on a vacation in December. 

hospital playlist

Producer Shin was very successful through tvN’s “Reply” series and “Hospital Playlist” series. Especially, the “Hospital Playlist” series had made many viewers cry and laugh along ever since its 1st season was produced.

However, it is rumored that he was under a lot of stress due to the short preparation period and the specificity of a medical drama. Currently, he still has no plans to produce season 3 of this drama. In fact, PD Shin has talked about the difficulty of producing season 3 of “Hospital Playlist” several times. 

“Since it’s my first time doing the season system, there are limitations and hardships that I didn’t know,” he said at the presentation press conference in June. 

In a recent written interview, he also drew a line, saying, “There may be a chance later to create Season 3, but I really have no plans at the moment.” 

hospital playlist

The “Hospital Playlist” series contains the chemistry between 5 doctors and their 20-year-old friendship. The stories are about their days that seem to be normal but are actually special, in a hospital that represents a miniature version of life.

In addition to dramas, many doctor reviews of the series have gained great popularity both inside and outside the industry.

Source: Dispatch

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