Ryu Soo-young, “It took me 6 months to be able to hold Park Ha-sun’s hand when we were dating”

Actor Ryu Soo-young revealed a sweet love story with his wife Park Ha-sun.

Ryu Soo-young appeared as a guest on TV Chosun’s show “Heo Young-man’s Food Travel” broadcast aired on the evening of October 22nd. Heo Young-man and Ryu Soo-young visited a restaurant in Seongnam- Gyeonggi-do. While enjoying the spicy fish soup, Heo Young-man asked Ryu Soo-young, “How did you meet Park Ha-sun?”

Ryu Soo-young

Ryu Soo-young answered, “I met her while filming a drama in 2013”. Then he recalled the memories and said, “She was supposed to drink her tea, but she was waiting for me to drink first. She looked so pretty from the back, so I fell in love with her immediately.”

Ryu Soo-young

He continued to share a story of when he was dating Park Ha-sun. The actor said, “Hasun is a girl who didn’t use the word “oppa”. It took me a long time to be able to hold her hand because she kept calling me ‘brother’ or ‘sunbae (senior)’”. Then, he surprised everyone by mentioning his 6 months of struggling to hold his girlfriend’s hand.

Many couples quickly proceed in showing skinskips to each other. However, since Park Ha-sun grew up under the strict education of her father, who used to be a soldier, she was very slow in her relationship progress. Ryu Soo-young said he even climbed the mountain in the end because he wanted to hold Park Ha-sun’s hand. He confessed, “She didn’t hold my hand, so I had to climb the mountain. That day, she finally joined hands with me. While holding her hand, I realized, ‘She actually doesn’t hate me at all.”

Ryu Soo-young park ha sun

Meanwhile, Ryu Soo-young and Park Ha-sun got married in 2017, and the couple already had a daughter.


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