After NU’EST’s disbandment, Kim Jong Hyun (JR) revealed a surprising situation

After 10 years in the industry, former NU’EST member Kim Jong Hyunconfirmed he’s making a solo debut in November.

On October 11th, Evermore Entertainment, the agency of former NU’EST Kim Jong Hyun, announced, “Kim Jong Hyun will release his first mini-album ‘MERIDIEM’ on November 8th and start his solo career.”

Kim Jong Hyun (also known with his stage name JR), who has always been loved by fans at home and abroad for his correct values, positive mind, and sincere attitude, presented a photo suggesting the album concept at the end of September and delivered the news of his surprise debut. He then made his comeback official through a motion graphic video on October 11th, continuing the enthusiastic response from fans.

kim jeong hyun

The motion graphic video, which was released through SNS, started with the ticking sound of the clock. Then, as the clock hand moved, the dark background gradually became brighter, and when it finally stopped at noon, the album name “MERIDIEM” and the release date “2022.11.08” were revealed, signaling the start of the album promotion.

In particular, the first solo album titled “MERIDIEM” is finally being unveiled, raising the fans’ expectations. Kim Jong Hyun’s narration also arouses curiosity as it contains keywords suggesting the album’s concept, drawing attention to the teaser music.

kim jeong hyun

Kim Jong Hyun’s new album “MERIDIEM”, which means “noon” in Latin, will generously contain an expanded music spectrum and unlimited genre digestibility.

After signing an exclusive contract with Evermore Entertainment in May, Kim Jong Hyun, who is starting his first official music activity, is expected to show high synergy by releasing an album with his own musical color under the strong support of his agency.

kim jeong hyun

A representative from the agency said, “As Kim Jong Hyun is making his first solo debut, he put a lot of effort into preparing the album. As an artist with various talents and potentials, we expect to see a different side of Kim Jong Hyun with the new album ‘MERIDIEM’. We ask for your interest and love in the future.”

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