“Running Man” Kim Jong-kook shows his side as an “affectionate lover”, “What am I saving money for? When I have a wife, she can use them all”

Kim Jong-kook showed off himself as a potential affectionate lover.

SBS’s “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air on the evening of July 3rd, will reveal Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min’s fight over Kim Jong-kook

The recent recording was decorated with a special theme of “gyp (house) Jong-kook”. The members decided to hold the late housewarming party at Kim Jong-kook’s house, boasting their chemistry in a new environment.

After seeing Kim Jong-kook’s thrifty lifestyle with their own eyes, “Running Man” members asked, “What are you saving money for?”. In response, Kim Jong-kook said, “When I have a wife, she can use them all”, proving that he would become an affectionate husband in the future.

 Yoo Jae-seok suddenly revealed Jeon So-min’s inner thoughts, saying “Jeon So-min is thinking about her relationship with you (Kim Jong-kook)”, drawing laughter.

Song Ji-hyo, who has created an “entertainment love line” with Kim Jong-kook, summoned “the bad Ji-hyo” as she threw a water bottle and said, “Don’t talk nonsense”. The fight seems to be over after Song Ji-hyo blocked Jeon So-min’s hints but Jeon So-min, a “love opportunist”, appeared to aim for Kim Jong-kook’s heart by asking him direct questions about his view on love when Song Ji-hyo was away.

Upon seeing that, Yoo Jae-seok stopped Jeon So-min, saying “If you keep doing this, you will cause bloodshed”.

Source: daum

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