The astounding net worth of the “Visual Triangle”: Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Irene (Red Velvet) and Tzuyu (TWICE) 

This trio is known not only for their visuals but also of their massive wealth. 

Jisoo is the most affluent in the “Visual Triangle”. In estimation, Jisoo’s net worth is approximately 20 million USD (27.6 billion won). With her increasing presence in music, acting, fashion and advertisements, Jisoo accumulates a huge paycheck. 

She is also brand ambassadors for Dior, Cartier, MapleStory. Most recently, Jisoo also joined the production for “Yeah Yeah Yeah” in BLACKPINK’s upcoming studio album “BORN PINK”. In the future, the actress promises to affirm her place in acting and in fashion. 

Owning a breath-taking beauty and classy aura, Irene is loved by many. Apart from her activities with Red Velvet, the idol is going solo in different roles, such as filming, commercial shootings, fashion and MC-ing. Thanks to her various jobs, Irene earns a net worth of 4 million USD (5.5 billion won). 

Tzuyu is known as the idol “born with a golden spoon”. She is from a family with a business tradition in Taiwan in many branches such as restaurants and cosmetics hospitals. While she lived a life of affluence, Tzuyu was still determined to pursue arts and went to Korea to become an idol. In estimation, her net worth is around 2 million USD (2.7 billion won). Many fans believed JYP had yet to make use of the idol’s full potential, missing out on opportunities in many fields. 

Thanks to their distinct beauty and outstanding talent, the “Visual Triangle” is loved by the audiences. Their hard work earns them an equally enormous quantity of accumulated assets. 

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