“Running Man” Song Ji-hyo gets to know about stock investment and passes on her know-how to Heo Young-ji

Song Ji-hyo will grow into a “mentor for small investors” in the new episode of “Running Man”.

SBS’s “Running Man” to be broadcast on June 12th will show the members entering the global stock market in earnest. Following last week’s episode, the members, who dream of entering the U.S. stock market, will enter Wall Street in New York City after finishing their seminar.

Running Man

From being a stock investment beginner who didn’t know if she owns stocks or not, Song Ji-hyo emerges as a “mentor for small investors” by passing on investment know-how as well as investment strategies with her extraordinary sense to “new investor” Heo Young-ji. 

Running Man

Despite the plunging stock price, there were members who both cried and laughed at the fluctuating stock price like a rollercoaster, as well as members whose moods went up and down together.

Running Man

Yang Se-chan, who has been reborn as a “stock trader” in the last “investment genius” game, is expected to win money from US stocks this time. Viewers are curious whether he will be able to walk the “Young & Rich” path again.

Source: Daum

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