“Running Man” Ji Seok-jin announces a great news to celebrate before his 60th birthday

Ji Seok-jin, who appears in SBS’ “Running Man,” delivered a good surprising news.

An exclusive report from MK Sports on entertainer Ji Seok-jin was released on August 30th. Ji Seok-jin has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency.

Ji Seok-jin

Ji Seok-jin is expected to be more active as an entertainer with the support of his new agency, although he is about to be 60 years old soon. Born in 1966, Ji Seok-jin is 57 years old in Korean age this year.

In this regard, MK Sports said, “Ji Seok-jin, an entertainer, has built a new nest in Uzu Rocks Entertainment. Ji recently signed an exclusive contract with Uzu Rocks Entertainment where actor Oh Man-seok, singer Lee Hyun-woo, and B.A.P Zelo belong to.

Running Man

According to news reports, Uzu Rocks Entertainment said on the same day, “Ji Seok-jin will be with Uzu Rocks Entertainment, which has been making his TikTok content a hot topic among the MZ generation.

Park Joo-nam, CEO of Uzu Rocks Entertainment, said, “We will support Ji Seok-jin’s all challenges in various ways so that he can go from his charming approach to the MZ generation through TikTok and YouTube to mainstream broadcast.

When this news got reported, viewers of “Running Man” congratulated him.

Ji Seok-jin is currently appearing in SBS’ “Running Man” and JTBC’s “Hello My Doctor’s Kind Clinic.” He will also appear in TV Chosun’s “Taste of Travel,” which will be broadcast next month. He is actively communicating with his fans through SNS platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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